Study Sessions

       ISTAD welcomes proposal/plan for study meetings! 

      The Institute conducts various academic study meetings such as:


    Workshop on Critical theory (monthly)


          Reading Antonio Gramsci's Collections  


     Workshop on Minority Group Problems (monthly)


       Presentation and Discussion on Buraku people, Okinawan people,  

       ethnic minority, disabled people and so on.


    Workshop on Japanese Cultural Studies (bi-monthly)


       Presentation and Discussion on the ethos structure of Japanese

       and Asian people


    Workshop on Labor Sociology (bi-monthly)

       Presentation and Discussion on the lower labor in Japan and 

       Asian countries


    Seminar on Sociology (monthly)


       Presentation and Discussion on researches studied by participants 


    Special Workshop (casual)


          Presentation by guest speaker and discussion


       All workshop and special study meetings are held at ISTAD@Hiroshima.

          For details, please contact:  info[at]