Social Theory and Dynamics (STAD)

Vol 2  now printing....

Call for Papers for the 3rd Issue !!  (to be published in 2020)

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Author Guidelines for Submission of manuscripts

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The Institute on Social Theory and Dynamics has published a new research journal.  (articles of Vol1 are downloadable in PDF files.


It is a new research journal which is the first English bulletin on critical sociology to be published in Japan.

STAD is an international journal of critical sociology 
and/or social science, which publishes articles that analyze the contemporary social problems from the critical and radical perspectives.



   The journal is a platform that provides a new outlet for Japanese and

    world scholars who would like to engage in critical sociology by publishing

    their works in English.


    It also encourages more extensive research on social problems in Japan and

    the surrounding region, as well as globally.


    STAD is an international peer-reviewed journal to which any applicant can submit and publish original research contributions to scientific knowledge and critical reason.


   Areas covered by the journal include:
• Labor, class and inequality

    • Minority, ethnicity and immigration

    • City, slum and urban policy

    • Crime and delinquency

    • Youth and elderly

    • Gender and sexuality

    • Medical care and environment

    • Power and social movement

    • Nation, state and war

    • Others