Researcher, Institute of Social Theory and Dynamics




        Sociology of Labor


    Research Theme


        Globalization, Labor, Ethnicity, Street life, Qualitative Research

      Transformation of industrial system and labor market and its impact on...

      1.   Indigenous people and Urban bottom labor in the Phlippines

      2.   Foreign workers in Japan


    Recent Works


Yoshida, Mai, 2016, "Foreign Trainee System and Japanese-style Management: Intimate attention and exploitation" Hokkaido Summer Institute Lecturer, Hokkaido University.


Yoshida, Mai, 2015, "Transformation of Labor and Relative Bottomization of Indigenous PeopleCase study on Aeta tribes in the Philippines"Doctoral Dissertation, Graduate School of Humanities, Tokyo Metropolitan University. (in Japanese)


       Yoshida, Mai, 2010, "Indigenous women in the Philippines and Social

      ChangeChanges on the bride price in Aeta tribe" Bulletin of

      Sociology, Meiji Gakuin University Graduate School, P1-12.(in Japanese)