MOON, Jong Sil





         Toyo University




         Urban Sociology and Minority Studies (Homeless People, Korean-in

       Japan and other)


    Recent Works


         Moon, Jong Sil, 2006.11, “Street Identity of Woman Homeless: Her

       ‘Powerlessness’ Means Registance,” Kariya, Ayumi ed., Wicked

      Hope: Sociology on Homeless People and Yoseba, Kyoto: Shoraisya,



         Moon, Jond Sil, 2004.3, “Transformation of ‘Yoseba’ and Woman

       Homeless, Research Report subsidized by the Ministry of Education,

       Culture, Sports, Science and Technology in 2003-2006 represented

       by Tamaki, Matsuo, pp. 42-56.


         Moon, Jond Sil, 2002, “Homelessness and Gender,” Shinzhuku

       Organization for Supporting Homeless People, Quaterly, Shelter-

       less, pp.120-155.


        Moon, Jond Sil, 2000, “Earthquake and Ethnicity,” Japan Association

      of Region and Community Studies, Life, Publicity and Formation of

      Region, Harvest-sya, pp.55-77.