KITAGAWA, Yukihiko





         Ph.D., Literature
     Open University of Japan




         Sociology of Urban Underclass


    Research Theme


        Empirical study of dynamics of urban underclass and the change of

      form of control over them. Research about the trend of various

      actors on the so-called ‘homeless problem’: administration,

      supporting group, group of homeless people and citizen/residents,

      and the real picture of homeless policies.


    Recent Works


        Kitagawa, Yukihiko, 2005.2, “Poverty and Exclusion of Men who Live

      Alone: Focusing on the Relationship between Homeless People and

      Welfare Administration,” Iwata, Masami & Akihiko Nishizawa eds.,

      Poverty and Social Exclusion: What Undermines the Welfare Society,

      Tokyo: Mineruva Shoboh, pp.223-242.


        Kitagawa, Yukihiko, 2002.11, “Poverty of Homeless People and the

      Formation of Their Group: A Case of Area Around Shinzhuku

      Station,” Koma, Tohru ed., Anthropology of Life, vol.5, Money and

      Life, Tokyo: Yuzankaku, pp.245-267.


        Kitagawa, Yukihiko, 2002.3, “Construction of Homeless Problem: A

      Case of Tokyo,” Japanese Association of Sociology for Human

      Liberation, Bulletin of Sociology for Human Liberation, vol.16, no.1,



        List of Work of Kitagawa, Yukihiko
 List of Literature on Yoseba,

       Homeless People and ‘Homeless Problem’(It is revised irregularly.)