MIYABE, Takashi






     Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University

     The Center for Shin Buddhist Studies


    Field of study


     Historical Sociology

     Sociology of Religion 


    Research interest

My main research areas are historical sociology and sociology of religion.

Currently, I try to show the process of the transformation of the religious organization in the case of Pure Land sect. I'm interested in the relationship between social theory and theology.




 TAKASHI MIYABE "The Rationalization of a Religious Group and the Reformation of the Theo

   -logy", Riron to Dotai, Institute of Social Theory and Dynamics, no. 14, 66-81, 2021

TAKASHI MIYABE "The Contradiction between Belief and Reiligious Institution: Focusing on

   the Otani-ha Reform Movement in Post-War Japan," Nenpo Syakaigaku Ronsyu, 34, 167-77, 2021

TAKASHI MIYABE “The Relationship between the Popular and the Religion in Post-War Japanese Society:Reconsidering Takagi Hiroo’s Religious Studies,” Gendai Syakaigaku Riron Kenkyu, no.15,  pp. 111-23, 2021