Institute on Social Theory and Dynamics 




       Sociolinguistics, Japanese Language Education 



    Research Subject

       Language Change, Linguistic Landscape, Easier Japanese in a disaster




       -Upskilling of Japanese language expressions. Ohfu Shuppan 2001

   -A new language order of Japanese language overseas – Honorific expressions of Japanese language among Japanese-Brazilians and Japanese-Americans. Sangensha 2007

   -Notebook on grammar lectures in Japanese language education – Easy to understand with a writing system. ALC 2008

   - Attractive Dialects -Real strengths of regional languages. Sanseido 2013




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   results in three Tohoku PrefecturesReport of a project commissioned by the Agency of  

   Cultural Affair, Government of Japan (pp.291-310)



Sanseido Word-Wise Web Economy and Society of Regional Dialects – (Being serialized)

Ø  Dialect Souvenirs and Related Affairs