URANO, Masaki




  Waseda University, Professer Emeritus

  Waseda Institute of Sustainable Community and Risk Management,  Advisor





        Regional and Community Studies

      Social change of the local communities affected by disasters 

      Sociology on Disaster



    Research Theme


Research on historical changes of local communities and their social problems, especially in Tokyo inner-city and suburban areas and Niigata heavy snowfall villages. Research on social changes of the local communities affected by disasters. Sociological research on disaster-affected people and communities: disaster processes in general,  vulnerability and resilience of the communities, and social problems of restoration and regeneration processes.



    Recent Works


Masaki URANO "Settlement and Mobility after the Great East-Japan Earthquake: Reconstructing Local Identity", Annals of Japan Association for Urban Sociology, vol.34, pp.7-24, 2016


Masaki URANO "Social problems in the Regeneration Stage of the Tsunami-stricken Regions after the Great East-Japan Earthquake", Annals of Regional and Community Studies vol.26, pp.11-28, 2014


Masaki URANO "500 days of the Tsunami-stricken People: struggling for the regeneration in Otuchi, Ishinomaki, and Kamaishi areas,

Waseda University Press, 2013"



   Resarch map: https://researchmap.jp/read0030044