Ph.D., Sociology

Faculty of Education, Tokyo Gakugei University




       Urban Sociology


    Research Theme


Urban poverty and social exclusion.

The restructuring of social structure for relationship of center and periphery area in Japan


    Recent Works 

Yamaguchi, Keiko, 2014, Migration of Japanese Youth to Tokyo: Meaning of Local Areas for Youth,Gendai-Shiso, no.42-6 pp.224-236.


Lee, Youngjun and Atsumi Tomohide, editorial supervisors, Shinsuke Sakumichi, Keiko Yamaguchi and Motohiko Nagata eds., 2014, Using Reflections for Support Recorded Narratives of the Earthquake Experience in Noda Village,Hirosaki: Hirosaki University Press.


Yamaguchi, Keiko, 2013, Restructuring the Labor Force of Japanese-style Hotels in Hot Spring Areas: Formation Process of the Survival Circuit in Globalized Society,The Liberation of Humankind: A Sociological Review, no.26, pp.59-75.


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