PARK, Sara




    Japan Society for the Promotion of Science Postdoctoral Research Fellow




   Migration Studies, Race&Ethnicity


 Research Theme


  Irregular migration and trade around Occupied Japan


  Recent Works

(Peer reviewed journal articles)

“Embracing ‘Aliens’:Collapse of the Japanese Empire and Immigration Control in Postwar Japan’, SOSHIOROJI, vol.64(2), pp.39-55, October 2013.

“Who Are You?: On Definition of ‘Korean Illegal Entrants’ in Early Postwar Japan”, Japanese Sociological Review, vol.64 (2), pp.275-293, September 2013.

“From Story to History: A Suggestion for Methodology of Sociological Oral History Research”, SOSHIOROJI, vol.56 (1), pp.39-54, July 2011.

“Creating the Fact: Suita Incidents and the Politics of Discourse”, SOSHIOROJI, vol.54 (3), pp.89-204, February 2010.