Sara Park


Affiliation & Position


Social Theory and Dynamics, Researcher 

University of Helsinki, Lecturer


Research interest


My main research topic is immigration control policy and irregular migration after the WW2 (1940s-1950s), focusing on the concept of borderlines of people. How people identify and categorize themselves as different nationals? How historical background, legal conditions, and people's knowledge in social interaction realize the borderline? In pursuing these questions I try to clarify twists of history, law, knowledge and norms. 


  Recent Works


Sara Park, Documenting the undocumented: State identification of non-nationals in post-war Japan, Social Theory and Dynamics, vol.2, pp.94-108, Mar 2018


Sara Park, Inventing aliens: immigration control, ‘xenophobia’ and racism in Japan Race and Class, Vol.58(3), pp.64–80, January 2017


Sara Park, Who are you?: the making of “Korean Illegal Entrants” in Occupied Japan 1945-1952, International Journal of Japanese Sociology, vol.25(1), pp.150-163, Mar 2016

(limited of internationally refereed English papers)


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