INAZUKI, Tadashi





       Faculty member of Foreign Language, North Kyushu City University




         Comparative Urban Sociology of Ethnic Community and Research of

       Homeless People


    Research Theme


        1. Comparative Urban Sociology of Ethnic Community.
          ── studying the process in which the building of community of so-

          called ‘ Multi-Cultural Living Together’ by the local and

          international comparative studies empirically.


        2. Research on Support-Activities for Self-Reliance of Homeless 

          People in North Kyushu City.
          ──a survey into the actual conditions which homeless people have

          from the point view of social mobility theory based the life

          structure and to study the possibility which the Kita Kyushu City

          Government can establish the policy for supporting the self-

          reliance of homeless people by constructing the ‘Total Supporting

          System by cooperation of public and private sectors’ with the case

          of North Kyushu.


    Recent Works


        Inazuki, Tadashi, 2006.3, “Consciousness on Acceptance of Foreign

      Laborers in North Kyushu City and Itabashi City of Taiwan,” National

      Association for Analysis of Japaese Socity, Social Analysis, no.33.


        Inazuki, Tadashi, 2006.3, “Formation of Korean-in-Japan’s

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      Community, subsidized by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports,

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