ISHIOKA, Tomonori




Nihon University


     Research Interest 


          Tomonori Ishioka is an associate professor in the Faculty of Sociology at 

          Nihon University. He studied sociology at the University of Tsukuba, where

          he received his Ph.D. for a thesis on the ethnographic research on nameless

          Filipino boxers in Manila, the Philippines. Ishioka’s scholarly articles have

          appeared in journals of sociology, social research, physical education, and urban

          and cultural studies. He is also the author of Everyday Life of Underdog Filipino

         Boxers: Body Cultures Crafted in Destitution (2012), which won an award in 2013

          from the Japan Sociological Society. He has conducted fieldwork in slum areas of

          Manila since 2002, including a year-long live-in ethnographic study at a boxing

          gym in Manila between April 2005 and March 2006. Moreover, Ishioka is a

          translator of the Japanese version of Loïc Wacquant’s classic ethnography Body

          and Soul (2013). 


     List of Publications


1) ISHIOKA, Tomonori, 2012, Everyday Life of Underdog Filipino Boxers: Body  

    Cultures Crafted in Destitution, Kyoto: Sekaishisosya.


2) ISHIOKA, Tomonori, 2013, “Boxing, Poverty, Foreseeability – an Ethnographic

    Account of Local Boxers in Metro Manila, Philippines,” Asia Pacific Journal of

    Sport and Social Science, vol.1, no.2.


3) ISHIOKA, Tomonori, 2009, How Can One be a Pugilist? - the Incarnation Process of

    Pugilistic Sense, Bulletin of Faculty of Education Hokkaido University, vol.


4) ISHIOKA, Tomonoi, 2007, “Sport as Life Strategies - from an Ethnographic

    Account on the nexus of a Boxing Gym and Squatter’s Lives in Metro Manila,

    Philippines,” Japan Journal of Sport Sociology, vol.15.