MORI, Keisuke





       Department of Economics, Senshu University


   Feild of Study


       Sociology of Militarism, Environment and Social Movements

       Historical Sociology of Governmentaliies


    Research Theme


In military, environmental, and social movement research, he studies the linkages between military governing practices and development, as well as environmental pollution and social movements. In the field of historical sociology of governing practices, his research focuses on the analysis of specific knowledge and technologies of governing practices, especially in non-Western regions, and their exercise in practice. His main fields are Japan and Germany.




Shinji Kawana, Keisuke Mori, Takahashi Minori,Keisuke Mori

Okinawan Journal of Island Studies, 3(2):159-75.  


Keiichi Satoh, Wan Yin Kimberly Fung, Keisuke Mori Nuclear Accident, Social Movement Studies 1-2, online first.