Researcher of Institute on Social Theory and Dynamics

      Doctoral Course of Graduate School, Metropolitan Tokyo University




        Sociology of Motorcycle Gang


    Research Theme


        I made fieldwork about a motorcycle gang in Hiroshima and analyzed

      the conflict between the social and political control over them and

      their resistance to it for the construction of a modern society’s

      theory in the Master's course of graduate school, Hiroshima Kokusai

      Gakuin University. I want to make the same fieldwork again in Tokyo

      region and to refine the power theory which I could not develop

      sufficiently in the Master’s course. And I want to study on the

      youth’s identity and the relationship between the youth’s growth and



    Recent Works


        Uchikoshi, Masayuki, 2005.3, “Control and Resistance on a Bosozoku

       (Motorcycle Gang),” Master’s thesis proposed to the Graduate 

      School of Hiroshima University of International Academic.


        Uchikoshi, Masayuki, 2004.10, “Control and Resistance on a

      Bosozoku,” 77th Meeting of Japan Sociological Association.


        Master’s thesis, ‘Control and Resistance on Motorcycle Gang,’

      proposed to Graduate Course of Modern Sociology, Hiroshima

      Kokusai Gakuin University in 2004.


    Unpublised Paper


        Uchikoshi, Masayuki, 2006, “It’s Something Only I Did, It’s No

      Relation To Other Guys. Everyone Have To Do, When Some People

      Should Do: Resistance of ‘Bosozoku’ Who Can Not Ride Motorcycle.”


        Uchikoshi, Masayuki, “Resistant Practice of a Motorcycle Gang which

      cannot drive motorcycles.”