NABA, Taisuke





        Institute of Social Theory and Dynamics, Researcher


    Feild of Study


      Research of  description and narration of the “war experience”


      Research of Media History with a Focus on New Leftist Magazines



    Research Interest


In "war experience" research, he is studying the Wadatsumi-kai, which edits a collection of posthumous letters from the war dead entitled "Kike wadatsuminokoe". In media history, focusing on New Leftist magazines, his research focuses on the editors.


Recent Works


TAISUKE NABA "Definition and Transition of " Thought Group" in Wadatsumi-kai: Focusing on "Thought" ," Theory and Dynamics, Institute of Social Theory and Dynamics, no.14,  pp.28-45, 2021.


TAISUKE NABA "How Researchers Accept Self-help Acceptance of Suicide Attacks: "Understanding" People Who Cannot Be Understood"," Journal of Society for Sociology of Warfare , Society for Sociology of Warfare no.4, pp.70-80, 2020


TAISUKE NABA "How the Image of Hachiko Was Represented by the Times: A Comparison of Prewar and Postwar Images of Hachiko," The Annual Review of Cultural Studies, The Association for Cultural Studies, Association for Cultural Typhoon , no. 2, pp.85-99, 2014



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