KAWAGOE, Michiko





        Associate Professor, Osaka Metropolitan University




       Vietnamese Area Studies

       Research of labor and life of immigrants in Japan



    Research Theme


The topics of my previous researches were the worldlife of immigrants living in Nagata-district in Kobe city, Japan, and their memories about crossing the bourder and war. At present, I am interested in the actual situations of Vietnamese technical intern trainees and recent changes of the Vietnamese society, which causes emigration.


    Recent Works


 MICHIKO KAWAGOE "Working Abroad from Rural Villages in Vietnam: Rural Industrialization in Northern Vietnam and Vietnamese Technical Intern Trainee."

Nihon de Hataraku (Working in Japan),  Shoraisha Publisher, 2021: 161-198.


MICHIKO KAWAGOE "War and Album: In the case of famliy photographs of First-generation Vietnamese living in Japan." Cultures/Critiques: Deployment and Representation of Familiy Photographes in East Asia, Special Edition,International Japan Studies Forum, 2013: 151-166.


MICHIKO KAWAGOE Thankful Stay in Vietnam: a Fieldnotes about My Intercurutural Experiences, Fukyosha Publisher, 2009.