Affiliation & Position


      Assistant Professor, Ochanomizu University,

     Division of Global Studies for Intercultural Cooperation 


   Field of study 


        Political economy of post-war Japan

        Social reproduction theory



  Research Interest 


Developing a critical and feminist understanding of Japanese political economy, especially the era from the post-war to the present. My work draws heavily on three theoretical sources. The first the theoretical corpus of Antonio Gramsci, beginning with his work on hegemony and organic crisis. The second is critical and Marxian political economy and social theory, including thinkers such as Bob Jessop, Wolfgang Streeck, and David Harvey. The third is feminist political economy and social reproduction theory in particular.





MYLES CARROLL, The Making of Modern Japan: Power, Crisis, and the Promise of Transformation. 2021. Leiden: Brill.


MYLES CARROLL, "Passive Revolution in Japan: The Restoration of Hegemony under Abe?" 

Critical Sociology, 2021.


MYLES CARROLL, "From Nationalist Communitarianism to Fragmentary Neoliberalism: Japan's Crisis of Social Reproduction." Capital and Class, 43(4), 2019.




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