KATO, Michiko





        Rikkyo University, Specific Project Research Fellow




        Sociology of crime/deviance



    Research Interest


Sociology of people with criminal background, which aims to study the criminal justice process, especially the treatment in community, such as probation or parole supervision.


    Recent Works


Michiko Kato & Mitsuko Ono "How do Prisoners Experience “Supportive Treatment? : A Fieldwork of the Addiction Recovery Support Initiative for Female Prisoners in a Japanese Prison ", The journal of applied sociology, Rikkyo University College of Sociology, Vol. 65, pp.63-80, 2023.


Michiko Kato & Hideyuki Hirai "How does social research end in “failure”?: Disclosing the detailed research process from “trouble” to “suspension”", Journal of the Society of Humanities, The Society of Humanities Sapporo Gakuin University, no.111, pp.131-153, 2022.


    Web site


      Resarch map:https://researchmap.jp/rin-k