Affiliation and Position


        Centre of Asian Area Studies, Rikkyo University, Researcher

       Institute of Social Theory and Dynamics, Researcher


    Field of study


        Anthropology, Geography, South African Area Studies



    Research interest

Geographical and Anthropological studies on the uneven geographical development and structural injustice in Johannesburg, South Africa



YOHEI MIYAUCHI A Spatial Governance of the Neo-apartheit City: Private urban

developments and immigrant societies in South Africa. Tokyo: Akashi Shoten, 2016.

YOHEI MIYAUCHI "Social Engeneering of a Private Creative City in Johannesburg:

Structural injusticegenerated by neoliberal governmentality," Social Theory and Dynamics 2: 56-75,Institute of Social Theory and Dynamics.




 A Spatial Justice Movement: http://site-839393-1453-8774.strikingly.com/