HIRAI, Hideyuki





      Ritsumeikan University



 Field of study


  Sociological Study on the Interventions in Drug Use and Its Users


  Research interest


Sociology of the various interventions in drug use and its users from historical, comparative and theoretical points of view, which includes reserches in the fields such as criminal justice system, psychiatric care, community welfare services, and peer support in self-help groups,




HIDEYUKI HIRAI, Sociology of the Offender Treatment in a Japanese Prison, Yokohama: Seori-shobo, 2015.


HIDEYUKI HIRAI, "Re-considering of 'Desistance' from Crime and Delinquency," Crime and Punishment, Japan Criminal Policy Society, vol.53, no.3  pp.121-140, 2016.


HIDEYUKI HIRAI, “Community as an Actor of Governing," Japanese Journal of Sociological Crriminology, no.45, pp. 57-78, 2020.




Resarch map:https://researchmap.jp/hideyuki_hirai