History of Institute on Social Theory and Dynamics

1990         The Urban Sociology Research Center (USRC), the  predecessor of the Institute

                 on Social Theory and Dynamics (ISTD),  was established in October, and at the

                 same time the research activities started.

1994         The Asian Sociological Research Team of USRC translated into Japanese a

                 paper entitled as 'The Urban Poor of the Philippines: A Situationer,' written by Dr.

                 Cynthia D. Nolasco in 1991, and published in December.


                 Annual Workshops, lectures, symposiums, surveys and so on.
2003         The USRC's researchers started to make the reprinted edition of the Diary of

                  HIROYASU YONEZAWA who was a marquetry craftsman, and to published it in

                  December (to 2006).  

2005         The USRC's office and seminar room were opened in April. Its website launched

                 in May.
2006         The office and seminar room moved to its present location in September.
2007         The first General Assembly of USRC was held in March (every year thereafter).

                 The name of USRC was changed to ISTD. Academic exchange was started

                  between the ISTD and the Institute on Church and Social Issues (ICSI) in

                  Ateneo de Manila University, Philippines.
2008         The first issue of the Japanese edition of research bulletin THEORY and

                  DYNAMICS was published in September (every year thereafter). The survey

                  report on Buraku problem sponsored by Osaki Kamijima in Hiroshima Prefecture

                  was submitted in September.                  
2009          In September the ISTD invited professors and students of St. Scholastica's

                  College in the Philippines for the academic exchange. 

2010          The ISTD was registered as a non-profit organization (NPO) with the Hiroshima

                  City Government. In September the ISTD invited professors and students of St.

                  Scholastica's College in the Philippines for academic exchange. The ISTD

                  was registered with the Science Council of Japan as an academic institution.
2011         The ISTD accepted a research associate from Tokyo in July. The researchers of

                  ISTD acquired the Researcher's Number from the MEXT (Monkasho: Ministry of

                  Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology-Japan) in September.

2012          In April the ISTD was approved as an organization which can apply to the

                  scientific research fund of the MEXT.


2013          An ISTD researcher acquired the MEXT fund for a research project. Three

                  researchers became research team fellows and a researcher acquired the

                  publication grant on April. The ISTD's Facebook page was launched in April.

2014          Four researchers of ISTD acquired the MEXT's fund for three research projects

                  in April. A clerical staff started to work at the ISTD from May. Renewal of ISTD

                  Website in October.