Institute on Social Theory and Dynamics


    Field of study


        Research of Buraku problem in Japan


    Research Theme


I study relationships of late modernity and the Buraku. These are broadly two. The first is a study, based on field work, of new Buraku constructed in military cities. The second is a critical study against negative imagery of Buraku and Burakumin held by commoners, and the construction of the master narrative.


    Recent Works


 AKIRA KOBAYAKAWA Construction of Buraku Imagery:Gimmick of Feasances, Tokyo: Ningen Publishing, 2017.


AIRA KOBAYAKAWA The Truth of Buraku, Constructed Imagery about Occupations and Cultures in Buraku, Tokyo: Ningen Publishing, 2018.

AKIRA KOBAYAKAWA “A Criticism of Post-Defeat Buraku Studies: Using Maruyama Masao’s Method as Clue for Diagnosis of Modern Times, BURAKU KAIHO KENKYU, Hiroshima Institute of Buraku Liberation Research, no.23, pp.55-75, 2017.