ITOH, Kohki





      Otemae University, Faculty of Modern Social Studies



 Feild of Study


       Sociology of Social Problem

       Qualitative Research

       Sociology of Social Movement


  Research Theme


Research on social activities of "Hikikomori" people and their parents' associations.

Research on the Difficulty in Living in contemporary Japanese society and the activities (self-help groups, social movements, etc.) of people who try to cope these difficulties.



  Main Works

KOHKI ITOH The Sociology of "Hikikomori Tojisha", Kyoto: koyoshobo, 2022.


KOHKI ITOH "Tojisha Activities of Hikikomori Perceived as a Social Movement: A Collective Strategy for Regaining Self-Value," Japanese sociological review,The Japan Sociological Society, no.71(2), pp.281-296, 2020.


KOHKI ITOH "Hikikomori and Relationships of Intimacy: Sexual Norm and the Personal  from the Story of Difficulties," Japanese sociological review, The Japan Sociological Society, no.66(4), pp.480-497, 2016.




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