NOIRI, Naomi





      Faculty of Law and Literature of Ryukyuh University




        Comparative Sociology, Research of Multi-Cultural Education and

      Research of Life History


    Research Theme


        Research on the human mobility more than border, ethnic network

      and ethnic identity in Okinawa, Kansai Area, Hawai and Peru. A

      survey mainly on the two-way mobility of Korean-in-Japan,

      Amerajian, Japanese Foreigner, Okinawa and Taiwan.


    Recent Works


        Noiri, Naomi, 2007.2, “Coming to Okinawa, Settlement and Network

      of Japanese Foreigner, Foriegner and Amerajian,” Okinawa Society

      and Japanese Foreigner, Foriegner and Amerajian: For the new

      Encounter and Relation, subsidized by the Ministry of Education,

      Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, pp.31-49.


        Noiri, Naomi, 2006.12, “For Introduction of Learning on Amerajian

      into the Public School: How We Learn ‘Difference’ and ‘Similarity’,”

      Education for Liberation, no.409, pp.27-37.