ONO, Sera





  Japan Society for the Promotion of Science fellow (RPD), Kobe university




       Gender Studies

  Migration Studies

       Law and Politics



    Research Theme


Studies on trafficking in persons in Japan, immigration control and gender, and NGOs for migrant women and Japanese Filipino Chidren between the Philippines and Japan



    Recent Works 

SERA ONO "Problematization of “Trafficking in Persons” in Japan: Focus on Conceptual Changes of Trafficking in Persons in National and International Contexts", Bulletin of Seisen University Research Institute for Cultural Science, vol.38, pp.55-74, 2017 (in Japanese).


SERA ONO "Construction of Discourses around Entertainment Visas in Japanese Immigration Control: Focusing on the Immigration News Magazine Kokusai Jinryu". Riron to Dotai, vol.12, pp.153 - 179, 2019 ( in Japanese).


SERA ONO “The Trajectory of Support NGOs for Migrant Women and JFC between the Phillippines and Japan: Foucing on Newsletters by DAWN and the Citizen's Network for Japanese-Filipino Children" Japanese Journal of International Society for Gender Studies, vol.18, pp.125-145, 2020 (in Japanese)




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