BANSHO, Kenichi


     Affiliation & Position


      Institute of Social Theory and Dynamics, Resercher


   Field of study 


Historical Sociology

Migraton Studies

Peace Studies



  Research Interest 



Sociology of urban bottom people, which aims to study yoseba (day laborer's district), homelessness in modern Japan and vagrancy in the pre-war period, to study squatter and homelessness in Metro Manila from the standpoint of international comparison, and finally to construct a theory on the global city in the developing country focusing on the bottom people.


Regional and Community Studies, which aims to reserch settlement and displacement, dairy farming, militarization, borders, cultural circles, and forced migration in the East Hokkaido.  Migration history in Hokkaido, which aims to reserch  theory of colonization in modern Hokkaido, the formation of community, transfer and adaptation of agricultural technology, migration from various parts of Hokkaido to Taiwan, Manchuria, Sakhalin, the Kuril Islands and  Brazil, Argentina.




Kenichi Bansho "Hokkaido Comprehensive Development Plan and Local Community: The Reorganization of Konsen Pilot Farm and the Establishment of Japanese Self Defense Force Base", Yoshiro Adachi, Contemporary History of Agricultural Development: Technology, Periphery, and Gender in Rural Societies under the Cold War, Kyoto University Press. 2022


Kenichi Bansho "Nostalgia and Creating Home in East Hokkaido: Study on the Local Magazine Kitano Furusato (Northern Home)", The journal of cultural sciences, Ritsumeikan University, no,681, pp.1-23, 2023.


Kenichi Bansho “Military Exercise by Japan Self-Defence Forces and Farmer's Movement aroud Yausubetsu Military Training Ground, Hokkaido in 1960", The Ritsumeikan journal of peace studies, Kyoto Museum for World Peace, Ritsumeikan University, 24, 2023.